Monday, July 14, 2014

We made it home!

My phone did not work in the Porcupine Mountains.  So I used my camera to take a few risky shots while riding.

Mike Wencl

Ian Wencl

Ken Wencl

Me taking pictures at a very low speed...

Mike, Ian and Ken!

A view from the top of Porcupine Mountain.

Porcupine Forest!

Well I've tried to visit this place a couples times.   I'm finally here.   Should be some nice sites tommorow.

We were pretty lucky to find a couple rooms.   A backwoods wedding is at the hotel bar so it should be an interesting evening.

Great times with the Wencl's.


A lunch stop in Wawa!  Subway!  We were so happy to have a regular lunch after the Chinese food experience last night!

Great day of riding so far!  Nc700 likes to go 80mph.   No idea what 90kph means and don't want to know.    We seem to make great time when I am leading the pack!  Very fun curvy SMOOTH roads up here.  We need these road guys in the states!
Here we stopped at a closed ski hill that is now a tourist center.  It rained pretty hard when we stopped at lunch.


We met Ken and Ian at Grandma's in Duluth.  They were not open yet so Ian and Ken grabbed a hotdog at a nearby stand and we hit the road.

Sunday, July 13, 2014

View from the cockpit!

The Route!

Heading back towards Siren Wisconsin tonight.  We did go all the way up into the Copper Harbor, Michigan.  C, D and E are where we stayed.  The trip was easily done in 4 days of riding.  I think about 1,500 miles.

Nice view from the hotel this am.